Mattie Wiggs Carlyle, a lifelong resident of Millen, Georgia, was a dedicated member of her community. Working for many years as part of the maintenance staff at Burgess Landrum High School, later Jenkins County Elementary School, she retired with a pension after witnessing the school's integration. Mattie served as the guardian for her grandchildren, Lee Carlyle and Vince Carlyle, until they left home for their own paths. Deeply protective, she assured them of a home even after her passing. Mattie maintained close relationships with her family, regularly visiting her sisters and hosting holiday gatherings. Known for her strict nature, emphasis on education, and regular attendance at Fountain Springs Baptist Church, she was affectionately called 'Ma' by the family.

Mattie's son, Kirby Carlyle, remained devoted to her, caring for her until her passing. Together, they enjoyed sitting on the porch, dipping snuff, and tending to her passion for growing various flowers. Mattie, a law-abiding citizen, never used a cane, had all her original teeth, and maintained a unique habit of using only baking soda to brush her teeth. Despite her strict demeanor, she cherished family gatherings, holidays, and her honeybee snuff until the end. Kirby continued to use the same P.O. Box his mother had, symbolizing the enduring legacy of Mattie Wiggs Carlyle in Millen, Georgia.


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